Whom do I contact if I have a question?

You’re always welcome to email me, Rebekah McCune, if you have a question about Blaithin Blair products. Either use the contact page or send me an email.


Do you accept custom orders?

Yes! If you like my style and the materials I work with, feel free to contact me if you’re interested in an item that you don’t see listed in the store.

Why does it take more than a day or two for some orders to ship?

I make all wreaths and arrangements by hand, and I personally pack all items carefully so they arrive in excellent condition. That careful attention takes time, and given the demand for my products, my lead times for shipping are typically longer than those of a big-box store.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept (and prefer) PayPal and major credit cards. I also accept personal checks, but orders paid by check will typically take longer to process, since I don’t start working on the order until the payment clears. (For more information, see the Policy page.)

Is ordering through your shop secure?

Yes. Blaithin Blair protects your privacy with 256-bit SSL encryption. When you place an order, your credit-card details are handled securely by PayPal—I never see or receive them, so I can never misplace, share or use them! (Although PayPal handles credit-card processing, you need not have a PayPal account; you can use your major credit card as you normally would when making an online purchase.)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Blaithin Blair products have shipped to numerous countries around the world. If you’re ordering from outside the U.S., however, you are responsible for checking with your customs authority regarding any items you order as well as for paying any additional taxes or fees that your government may impose on them. (See the Policy page for additional details.)

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping and handling charges depend on the total price of your order as well as your location. Shipments to the West Coast, Alaska, Hawaii, and non-U.S. locations will typically be more expensive than U.S. addresses nearer to the East Coast. Your shipping and handling costs will be calculated at checkout. You can also use the shipping calculator in your shopping cart.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

If you need your order in a hurry, please contact me about rush shipping.

What if I want to place a large order?

If you’re interested in placing a large order (about $350 or more), please contact me if you’d like to discuss shipping options and costs.

May I work with you for my wedding or other special event?

Certainly! Contact me if you’re interested in dried flowers or fresh boxwood for your wedding or special event. Please note, however, that wedding orders are time consuming and in high demand, so it’s important to schedule delivery well ahead of time (typically, at least three months before your event date).

Is your Etsy shop still open?

My Etsy shop is still in business. I offer many of the same great products, as well as the same level of customer service, from both Etsy and my dedicated shop. The Blaithin Blair website gives me the freedom to sell a wider array of products and allows me to customize the shopping experience, but I’m dedicated to providing the same quality that has earned my Etsy shop thousands of favorites!


Do you accept returns?

I accept returns of certain dried or preserved items in their original condition, but I cannot accept returns of fresh boxwood or custom arrangements. For more information, see the Policy page.

What if my item arrives damaged?

If you receive an item that is damaged in shipping, please contact me to arrange a return or refund. On some items, I may require pictures as proof of damage so that I can file an insurance claim with the carrier. See the Policy page for more information.


How long will my fresh boxwood wreath last?

It depends! The time of year is an important factor. November to March is the best time for wreaths because of the colder weather; they typically last 4–6 weeks during that time. In April and May, boxwood sends out new growth. The new growth is gorgeous! But, alas, it also wilts relatively quickly (in about a week). During these months, boxwood is best for short events such as weddings. I will work with you to deliver your wreaths close to the event date so they will be as fresh as possible. For the rest of the year, it varies from 3 to 8 weeks. Luckily, boxwood dries beautifully so you can continue enjoying it!

How do I care for my boxwood wreath?

If you plan to hang your wreath outdoors, it requires no additional care. The wreaths dry slowly over the months and will turn either pale green or golden blonde depending on how much sun they get. If you hang your wreath indoors, you can lightly spray it just as you would Christmas greenery to help keep it glossy a bit longer. I prefer to just let my wreaths dry naturally to the beautiful woodsy colors.

Does boxwood have an odor?

I have come to the conclusion that the smell of boxwood is a matter of taste. I find it to be refreshing and woodsy. One reason why I like to work with boxwood is that this natural fragrance reminds me of a walk in the woods. For many people, it brings to mind historical places such as Williamsburg and Monticello. To a few individuals, however, boxwood has a slight skunky odor. I can’t tell you whether you’ll like it, but I have received very few complaints.

Dried Flowers

How can I make sure my dried flowers last as long as possible?

To avoid fading and mold, keep dried flowers out of direct sunlight and avoid humid conditions. Colors will fade naturally over time, but by keeping your arrangements out of the sun and in reasonably dry air, you can keep them looking good for many months, or even years!

Do dried flowers ship well?

Dried flowers are hardier than they may appear, but I always pack them carefully to ensure they arrive in good shape. In the rare event that they suffer damage in transit, contact me to arrange a replacement or refund (see the Policy page for more information).

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